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Transforming health systems at scale
We provide software solutions that improve the workflow of health care professionals.
Simplify your patient journey management to stay focused on your most important tasks. Centralize your patient's medical data for daily routine care activities and powerful research.
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Manage both your clinical research and innovative clinical pathways from a single platform

Real-world studies
Patient pathways


Create disease or practice registries at local or national level.


Better manage your patient cohort in real-time


Collect relevant healthcare data to make smarter decisions

Observational studies

Simply setup a protocol for your descriptive study

Phase 4 post authorization studies

Monitor your product effectiveness and safety at scale

Remote patient monitoring

Better follow-up your patients and detect complications earlier

Multidisciplinary innovative pathways

Build new care pathways to improve quality of care

Value-based and bundled care

Redefine collaborative patient and care management

Patient support programs

Better support patient adherence to treatments

Patient satisfaction surveys

Get insights on patient satisfaction of healthcare services

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All-in-one platform

Access to a ready-to-use secured intuitive and easily scalable platform with unique features


Electronic Case Report Form for healthcare professionals and CRA accessible from any devices


Electronic Patient Reported Outcome for patients ansd caregivers with automated or manual triggers


Easily collect and trace patient consent for study and data collection


Conduct in-app video and chat conversations with patients

Smart questionnaires

Includes conditional jump, stop condition, and automated queries

Automated score system

Get all your scores directly calculated by the app

Alerts management

Get instant alerts on your patients and quickly manage them

Data visualization & export

Check inclusion, descriptive stats, and download the database

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